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About Us

The Bath Bombs that Bring Small Town Dreams to Life

In 2004, I had the pleasure of living in New York City for one year. It was the most exciting time of my life. I discovered so many new things since it was the first time I lived outside of the small town in Louisiana where I was proudly raised and made a life.

While living in New York City, I discovered a handmade cosmetics store famous for its bath bombs. I was instantly hooked. The colors and the scents were mesmerizing, and the product was a way to bring a spa-like atmosphere to your home.

I have always been creative, and that creativity shines in my baking and craft-making skills. Therefore, I knew I could make my own bath bombs that were more easily accessible to people like me who live in small towns. When I returned to Louisiana, I perfected my no-fail bath bomb recipe, and the journey began.   

I first sold my homemade bath bombs at the Louisiana Pecan Festival in Colfax, Louisiana, in 2007 I was excited to introduce people to these amazing products. When I demonstrated how the bath bombs worked, people were hooked like I was! Now, I’m excited to share my handmade bath products with you—a relaxing, refreshing way to end or begin each day.

Thanks for supporting my dream!

—Melinda Henagan